dental implants Murrells Inlet SCSmiling can increase your self-esteem and make you more confident. And for this reason, so many dental procedures have emerged in order to improve the individual appearance of each tooth. For instance, porcelain crowns and veneers have emerged in order to lengthen and improve the appearance of each worn out tooth. And then there is the very much sought after teeth whitening procedure which can get rid of any discolorations either resulting from your diet or from congenital condition. But what if there’s nothing to improve with your tooth because it’s already missing. What are your options then?

There are three options that you can turn to when you are missing a tooth:


If you have lost an entire set of teeth, then you’ll do best by having dentures. However, complete dentures, the kind which replaces an entire set of missing teeth, aren’t the only type of dentures available. Over-dentures also exist which replace only a handful of missing teeth. While dentures have had the reputation of looking rather fake, technology has now made it possible for dentures to become more realistic looking. On the other hand, the manner that dentures are attached to your gums, which rely only on the natural suction, means that dentures can easily be removed.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are there to replace just one or two missing teeth. More realistic looking because of the use of porcelain crowns, dental bridges are also more convenient compared to dentures. In order to attach the bridges to your teeth, they have to be latched on to the adjacent natural teeth by shaving down the same and then placing a dental crown over it. Therein lies the problem. In order for the crown to be attached to the natural tooth, it is necessary to shave down the tooth, destroying it in the manner.

Dental Implants

The problem with the previously mentioned options, and why they are easily removed, is that they only seek to replace the missing crown, the structure found above the gums. However, the root which anchors the crown in place is not replaced. But dental implants addresses this issue by burying a dental implant, or a root-like rod, within the vacant dental socket in order to serve as anchor for the porcelain crown which will later be put in place. This strengthens the entire structure and keeps dental implants from easily being removed even when you use your chompers to the fullest.

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