smileNo doubt, a great smile is a healthy smile. Having healthy teeth and gums is the easiest to make your smile brighter.

1. Schedule more frequent trips to your dentist.

In the past, we were advised to go to the dentist twice a year or once every six months. But while most of us fail to meet this obligation, dentists are now upping the standards. Dentists are now saying that it’s ideal to schedule an appointment with your dentist once for every 90 days. While it might seem expensive, it’s actually cheaper than neglecting your dental health. When small cavities are filled in promptly, tartar are removed punctually and your teeth are polished more often, you’re staving off huge problems like tooth decay, sensitive teeth, and gum diseases.

2. Don’t wait until you feel pain.

Most people think that when they do have a cavity, they will know it and that’s when they’ll go to the dentist. But this couldn’t be a bigger myth. There is no way for you to find out that you have a small cavity that is slowly but surely consuming your entire tooth. That is until you already feel some sort of pain because the cavity has already reached down to the pulp region of your tooth and nerve endings have already become infected.

3. Never forget to floss.

Your dental hygiene regimen is not complete unless you are done flossing your teeth. Don’t think that brushing is enough to remove all the cavity-causing bacteria found inside your mouth. Brushing will only clean three of the five surfaces of our teeth. Bacteria proliferate much easier in between teeth because the bristles of our toothbrush cannot penetrate these regions, but flossing does. If you think that flossing does nothing, it actually removes 40 percent of cavity causing bacteria inside our mouth.

4. You cannot lie your way out of the dentist’s chair.

Depending on how good you were at observing your dental hygiene habits, your mouth show it. If you are a voracious drinker of soda and coffee, then you’ll have terribly stained teeth. If you like to eat sugary foods and not brush right after, then your teeth will be ridden with cavities. If you are under a lot of stress or anxiety, then your worn down enamel might point to your teeth grinding problem. Even individuals who are bulimic can be singled out based on their mouths. Due diligence with your dental hygiene habits coupled with the right lifestyle change is necessary in gaining a healthy mouth, especially since your dentists cannot be fooled.

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