Preventive care is the number one service every Myrtle Beach dentist can provide to their patients. This is crucial because it is the first step towards good oral health. You can keep your teeth healthy and strong only if you partner with your dentist in caring for it. Here are some preventive dental care services to maintain a healthy smile that will benefit you for a lifetime.

Preventive dental care services in Carolina Dental Center include oral cleaning, regular check-ups, dental sealants, one-on-one patient education, nightguards, and oral cancer screenings. It is important to have these treatments to safeguard your dental health and overall health as well. Studies show that oral disease can lead to other illnesses like heart problems so it is best to take protective measures to stay healthy.

To avoid oral health problems, dentists in Myrtle Beach SC recommend regular checkups and oral cleaning. These checkups allow the dentist to see the general condition of your teeth and gums to prevent disease. Treating the root of the problem at its early stage prevents it from worsening and allows faster recovery for the teeth and the patient.

Oral cleaning or prophylaxis is a treatment dentists in Myrtle Beach SC provide for healthier teeth. The process involves removing plaque, tartar calculus and stains to inhibit the forming of bacteria that leads to cavities and gingivitis. Only a licensed dental hygienist or dentist can perform this procedure. Additionally, sealants may be applied to the teeth to prevent cavities. Mouthguards or nightguards can also protect the teeth and gums from injury.

Other than prophylaxis, dentists recommend the practice of good oral health habits at home. Brush and floss after meals to remove debris between the teeth. Toothpaste and mouthwash with fluoride strengthen the teeth against bad bacteria.

The American Academy of Pediatric dentistry suggests proper nutrition and dietary habits aside from oral health education as part of preventive care. Parents play a role in ensuring that their children eat only the right food that will prevent cavities. They must also constantly remind their children of the importance of having a healthy set of teeth. The dentists of Carolina Dental Center make each visit a learning experience for the patient by explaining to them each procedure or treatment they need to undergo.

The foundation of good oral health is regular dental visits. The skilled dentists Myrtle Beach has can keep your teeth in perfect condition through preventive dental care services.

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