Any dentist in Myrtle Beach will tell you even impeccable dental habits aren’t enough to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. A dental visit can do more than make sure you don’t have serious conditions like gum disease or oral cancer. Most of the time, it’s for preventive care as well. The dentist gives your teeth the kind of cleaning your usual toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss can’t provide.

What happens during an oral cleaning? Knowing the process can help ease any worries or fear you may have during the procedure.

No matter how frequently you visit for a professional cleaning, the assigned dentist or hygienist will always review your dental history. They will ask you about your dental habits and any unusual sensations or complaints you have regarding your teeth.

Depending on the kind of visit, the dentist may also examine your oral cavity by taking x-rays and checking for signs of tooth movement, tooth decay, gum infections, or impacted teeth. The dentist can use an ultrasonic machine to break up any build-up of tartar and plaque.

The dentist also polishes your teeth to prevent plaque from coating the enamel, causing gum disease. He or she will also check the state of your tongue, the mouth of your roof, and the sides of your cheeks. The attending medical practitioner may also tell you what you’re doing wrong and give you advice to improve your oral habits. This kind of cleaning and check-up can result with improvements over time.

Here at Carolina Dental Center, we take pride in offering comprehensive dental care for all our patients. We don’t just feature preventive services; we also have restorative treatments that show you it’s never too late to have the kind of smile you’ve always wanted. Request an appointment with us and receive the kind of oral care only a Myrtle Beach dentist can offer.

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