The year has just begun and the sun is starting to make an appearance once more. Those two things are signs of good things to come, and in order to set the tune of your entire year, why not think about having a smile makeover. But before you make a nosedive for this, what exactly is a smile makeover?

murrelsinlet dentistWhat is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is one of the newer services which more and more dentists are currently offering their patients. A smile makeover is a combination of several dental procedures which can help to improve the quality of your smile. The types of services included and the combination of these procedures differ from one practice to another. The entire idea of having a smile makeover is so that you can enjoy professional results which are not attainable using over-the-counter products either through in-office procedures or at-home treatments.

What are some of the services offered in a smile makeover?

By far, the most popular service which is being offered to individuals who want their smiles to improve by leaps and bounds is teeth whitening. Unlike using over-the-counter products in order to improve the quality of your smile, an in-office teeth whitening procedure will give you brighter teeth in just a matter of minutes. This is because the products used by your dentist contains a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide, lessening the contact period between the chemical and your teeth before results can be seen.

However, teeth whitening is not the only service which is part of a smile makeover package. Veneers and crowns are also offered as part of a smile makeover package. Veneers are thin shells which are often made of porcelain and are custom-fitted to the impressions of your teeth. Veneers help to disguise teeth which may look a bit crooked or are severely discolored. Enamels are also known as caps where the tooth is fitted right inside. While veneers and enamels are used for the same purposes, the latter is more expensive than the former.

Lastly, braces are also included in some smile makeover packages. However, considering that you are well beyond your teens and sporting a metallic smile is by no means something which an adult would deem fashionable, dentists often offer a different kind of method to straighten out teeth of adult patients with the help of clear braces or lingual braces which are fitted at the back of your teeth.

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