Pain and discomfort, in addition to being unable to eat what you want, can make you feel grouchy and bad-tempered after oral surgery. Relieve your irritation with rest and relaxation to improve your mood while you recover from your procedure. Here are some tips from Carolina Dental Center to help make your recovery go faster:

One side of my face is swollen. What should I do?

Swelling is a normal reaction after oral surgery. Keep your head elevated and place an ice pack on the swollen side for the first 24 hours after your procedure. Use a moist heated towel on the second day, if swelling still keeps up. If swelling worsened or hasn’t decreased after three days, consult us immediately.

The extraction site keeps bleeding. Is that normal?

Yes, it is normal to experience bleeding for at least 24 hours after the surgery. Place a folded cotton gauze pad over the wound and bite down on it gently. Change pads when they become soaked with blood. Prop up your head and refrain from physical activity to limit bleeding. Moisten the gauze with a sip of water if it gets stuck. Continuous bleeding after the first 24 hours of your surgery should be taken up with our dentists, so we can check for complications.

What can I eat?

A liquid diet is recommended for the first 24 hours. Eat soft food like mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, and gelatin. Make sure it cooled down first as hot food can aggravate pain. You can also drink fruit smoothies, milk, and some juices, as long as they are not acidic. Ginger ale, as well as ice chips or crushed ice, can also help relieve discomfort. We recommend that you follow your dentist’s advice on your diet to make sure your wound is not worsened.

How should I keep my wound clean?

We do not advise you rinsing your mouth until after the first day of your surgery. Keeping up with clean hygiene, however, is still important. Be gentle while brushing as many teeth you can. Washing your mouth with a lukewarm salt and water solution one day after your surgery also keep the surgical site clean. It can also aid in healing your wound faster.

The most important tip after going through oral surgery is to follow the post-operative tips we give you. We provide reliable treatment after the operation and strive to make sure you’re comfortable during your recovery period. Contact us today for any questions about our oral surgery services and post-operative assistance!

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