Protective Sealants in Murrells Inlet SCYou never hear moms brag about how many cavities their kids have or see bumper stickers proclaiming the amount of cavities you’ve racked up along the way. Cavities aren’t really something to be proud of. In fact, they’re an embarrassment, a pain and an inconvenience in every sense of the word.

Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent tooth decay. From proper brushing techniques to fluoride treatments, decreasing your chance of developing cavities is much easier today than it was 40 years ago. One of the most efficient ways of preventing tooth decay is by placing protective sealants on back molars. At Carolina Dental Center, we offer protective sealants to prevent cavities.

What are Protective Sealants?

Sealants are thin coatings of plastic that are painted over the back molars. The back molars are known for having many grooves and fissures that trap food and bacteria. Sealants effectively “seal” out bacteria from these tiny ridges and prevent decay from forming here.

Sealants are a quick, anxiety- free and painless procedure. All that is required to place a sealant is a layer of clear or tooth-colored plastic painted onto the molar with a small brush. Then the plastic is dried with a special light. It takes less than 30 seconds to complete the process from start to finish.

Sealants can be placed on patients of all ages. However, the focus is usually on teenagers and young children, as this age group is more prone to developing cavities on the back molars. Poor brushing technique and habits are usually to blame. Placing sealants on your children’s permanent molars are incredibly important for health, educational and financial purposes!

Protective Sealants: Health, Educational and Financial Benefits

Cavities in young children are especially unfortunate for many reasons. Tooth decay even has a detrimental effect on a child’s education. For example, in one year alone 504,000 children in California missed one school day or more due to dental ailments including filling a cavity.

Don’t think placing sealants on your child’s teeth is worth it? Consider the financial costs of cavities and other dental ailments. In just a single year, Florida spent $88 million to treat dental problems that could have been prevented. Additionally, the average cost of placing a single sealant is less than one third the cost of filling cavity.

According to a U.S. wide survey in 2010 only half the amount of teenagers in the country had dental sealants. However, with more sealants placed, the more money is saved on cavity fillings. That’s why we suggest placing protective sealants on children as young as 5 years old.

Sealants in Murrells Inlet, SC

At Carolina Dental Center, we offer protective sealants for patients of all ages. We have experience saving teeth and preventing cavities with this procedure. For more information on how sealants can stop tooth decay, visit us at Carolina Dental Center or call us today at (843) 357-2122. Make an appointment online.

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