Have you checked an unusually painful tooth recently and found a large cavity in it? Is your tooth badly damaged by dental caries? Your Carolina Dental Center dentists in Myrtle Beach SC can provide root canal services for the affected tooth.

Root canal procedures are performed to repair or save damaged teeth. These include chipped or cracked teeth and teeth with large cavities. In a root canal, the nerve and pulp of the tooth are removed before sealing the insides. If left untreated, the affected tooth can suffer infection and develop pus which can be extremely painful.

In a healthy tooth, the crown protects the enamel which in turn protects the pulp. The pulp contains nerves, blood vessels and lymph vessels that nourish the tooth. A tooth cavity can enlarge and extend into the insides of the tooth and affect the nerves. This results to serious teeth problems which may require a root canal procedure.

A root canal done by dentists Myrtle Beach patients visit typically follows these steps: The dentist injects anesthesia to the gums to prevent pain during the procedure. He creates an opening on the crown that goes all the way into the pulp. The dentist determines the length of the canal before extracting unhealthy pulp from the tooth. Before the canals are sealed, the dentist adds a structural support to keep the tooth in place. The canals are then cleaned and shaped to make the sealing process easier. Finally, the dentist seals the tooth with a temporary filling or an artificial crown for further protection.

When done by a trained dentist, a root canal is not a painful procedure. Root canals save your natural tooth because it eliminates the need for your tooth to be extracted. This procedure is tolerated well by patients and is successful 92 percent of the time.

A second root canal procedure can be done on a patient only when the same tooth becomes infected again. If this still cannot save the tooth, the dentist will recommend tooth extraction to prevent infection and cause more pain to the patient.

Root canal operations performed by the dentist Myrtle Beach residents trust are safe and effective. The dentists of the Carolina Dental Center are all skilled and have years of experience to perform a number of treatments and procedures. Remember, a root canal is more than aesthetic. It is a necessary procedure to save your teeth and give you good oral health. Consult your Myrtle Beach dentist to check if you need one.

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