Dr. Meares and Staff, Thank you so much for making an anxiety ridden experience actually a pleasure. You are the only dental office I have been comfortable at and look forward to going to. Thank you again for your expertise, patience and understanding!!! And of course for making a smile upon my face again!
Laura N.
Dear Dr. Meares, Many thanks for taking a few minutes out of your busy morning last week to talk with me over the phone about that “No. 15” crown. I very much appreciate your intellectual honesty about the crown and that, in your opinion, it is not (at least at this time) a necessary procedure. I’m not sure other dentists would have been so open-minded and honest about it as you were!
Dick H.
Dear Dr. Meares, I want to thank you so very much for the patience, caring, and encouragement you have given me. After leaving your office, I felt so confident in you and Dr. Kelly. I’m sure, with you behind me, I’ll make it! Thanks again so very much. You are great.
Evelyn E.