Teeth Whitening

Not all of us are blessed with perfectly white teeth, but we can all enjoy having a set of sparkling pearly whites with dental whitening procedures. Yes, it is possible to get the dazzling white smile that you’ve always wanted with today’s advancements in dentistry. With cosmetic bleaching trays, we have helped lots of patients with stained and discolored teeth. For teeth whitening in Murrells Inlet, SC, Carolina Dental Center is the answer. We offer you one of the world’s most effective bleaching treatments; you will sure to be smiling with renewed confidence after the treatment.

Before the start of your whitening treatment, it is important to talk with our dentist about your needs and goals. An open communication between the doctor and the patient is an important part of our practice, and what our patients truly love about us. This way, we will be able to answer your needs with the appropriate dental treatments, and control your desired effects. We will also learn about your medical history and examine the condition of your mouth. Rest assured that the information that you provide will be treated with utmost confidentiality. We will not judge you and will respect your decision about your chTeeth Whitening in Murrells Inlet, SCoice of treatment.

Our bleaching treatments begin with impressions of your teeth that our doctors will use to produce a custom fitted whitening tray. Our doctor will give you instructions on how to put on and remove the trays, and will also instruct you in the frequency and length of use. When the treatment is used as prescribed, your teeth will have a dramatically whiter, brighter appearance in a short amount of time.

With our at-home treatments, it truly is possible to whiten your teeth by up to 7 shades. We, at Carolina Dental Center, give you a new reason to smile with confidence, giving you that movie star smile that you deserve.

As an important part of your whitening treatment, we will advise you on how to take care of your teeth so the whitening effect can last for as long as possible. Certain foods and beverages may cause staining, so can habits like tobacco use. The whitening effect can last for a long time but varies among individuals. Thus, it is important to practice good oral habits and a healthy lifestyle in order to prolong the effects of your teeth whitening treatment.

We, at Carolina Dental Center, are your trusted providers of general and cosmetic dentistry in and around Murrells Inlet, SC. We will gladly discuss with you more about how to brighten your teeth professionally and inform you of your various options. There are lots of ways to improve the look of your teeth and smile. Call us today at 843-357-2122 and schedule your appointment. We are here to help.

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