Teeth Whitening Murrells Inlet SCSmiling with great looking, white teeth can give you the confidence boost you need in whatever situation you find yourself in. A job interview or that first date may be nerve wracking, but you can create a look of confidence with a sparkling, dazzling smile. Teeth whitening is a great way to enhance your confidence. Dull, yellowish teeth are turned into dazzling pearly whites that just look amazing with a smile. For teeth whitening in Murrells Inlet, SC, visit Carolina Dental Center and experience the joy of having bright, white teeth today.

Receive an In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment for Immediate Results

As its name suggests, this teeth whitening procedure is performed at the dentist’s office. The treatment begins with the dentist covering your gums and lips, to prevent them from getting sensitive to the bleach. He then applies bleaching gel on your teeth. He makes sure that the gel is evenly applied to each tooth for natural looking results.

The dentist then directs a light on your bleached teeth, to accelerate the whitening process. The light cures the bleach, allowing it to penetrate deeply within your teeth to remove stubborn and deep-seated stains. The result is great looking, white teeth that are a dramatic improvement from the previous color of your teeth.

Maintain your White Smile with At-Home Teeth Whitening

While in-office teeth whitening is not a permanent solution to achieve white teeth, maintaining your bright smile is fairly easy. Simply maintain good oral hygiene with proper brushing and flossing after meals, as well as having regular teeth cleanings. You can also take advantage of our at-home teeth whitening treatment, to prevent stains from sticking to your teeth. An at-home whitening kit includes a bleaching gel, which is to be applied on your custom bleaching tray. When you start noticing stains on your teeth, just put on your custom bleaching tray and prevent tooth discoloration. At-home teeth whitening is, therefore, a great maintenance treatment for teeth that have been previously whitened in our office. It can also be used as a gradual approach to whiten your teeth effectively.

What Are the Benefits of Having Gleaming White Teeth?

Being at your best is, perhaps, the greatest advantage of having a bright, white smile. White teeth simply make up a smile that looks both clean and attractive. Having white teeth also makes you feel good; hence, you achieve self confidence and self-esteem. You smile more often than you used to and create lasting impressions with your smile. You open various windows of opportunity, allowing not just your teeth to shine, but also your overall image. A bright new you can certainly impact various aspects of your life.

Visit Carolina Dental Center for Teeth Whitening in Murrells Inlet, SC

Teeth whitening in Murrells Inlet, SC is just great at Carolina Dental Center. We offer you state of the art products and facilities, plus an accommodating staff and trusted, experienced dentists. Drs. Jason Meares, Richard Birch, and Thomas Kelly are your teeth whitening experts in Murrells Inlet. Consult with us today and enjoy being at your best with a great looking smile.

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