Military Appreciation Month:

Meet WWII Veteran, John Tellet

May is one of our favorite months here at Carolina Dental Center because it is Military Appreciation Month andJohn-Tellet-photo1 gives us the opportunity to honor our local heroes! This month, we are excited to highlight one of our favorite veterans- our patient, John Tellet.

John Tellet is a WWII Veteran and was a Pharmacist Mate Third Class. He joined the Navy in 1944 and served at Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD at the Dispensary at Bancroft Hall. John is quite the character and we are always happy to see him in the office. Read on to hear about John’s adventures in the Navy!


How did you choose the branch you joined?

I was always interested in the water, but was more anti-Army at the time.


What was your favorite place you visited on leave?

I was from Shippensburg, PA and this is where I went on leave to see my family.


What did you think about the food?

The Navy food was good. I was a chowhound!


What was the best thing you got in a care package?

Free cigarettes from the cigarette company.


Tell us about an interesting or memorable experience.

A Russian attaché had a water related accident and was in Annapolis General Hospital. I was sent to stay overnight with him as a nurse. I was asked if I could speak Russian in case the Russian was delirious. I did not speak Russian. I did learn that my name, John, in Russian is Ian.

I also have memories of VE day. I left base to celebrate and ended up in East Port Democratic Club. I don’t know how I got there, but it was quite an evening.

As the Night Master at Arms, I was Head of security at night at the hospital. I spent most of my time in the operating room as the circulating nurse. I assisted the doctor with minor surgeries and women’s ward for C-sections, setting up trays etc. I have also worked with Marines during operations and with their rehab work.


Would you want your children to serve in the military?

I don’t have any children, but if I did, yes I would want them to serve.


How did your military service shape the person you are now?

I have not had any hard liquor since military service.



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